Fundraising tips

We provide specialist support, fund critical research and campaign to make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives.

Rebuilding lives after stroke is a team effort and we need your support. Thank you for taking the first step and joining the Resolution!

We recommend setting yourself a target of £100. This could help us campaign for better stroke treatment in every town and make sure that the right support is available for every stroke survivor when they leave hospital. If every Resolution participant raised £100 we would raise over £1.2 million!

Online fundraising is a quick and easy way to spread the word among your friends and family to let them know that you have joined the Resolution. The money comes straight to the Stroke Association so you don't need to do anything else.

Get the most out of your JustGiving page

Personalise your JustGiving page
Tell people about your Resolution Run and why you have chosen to support the Stroke Association. Include photos and update the page regularly with your training progress.

Set a target
Having a target gives you something to aim for and will encourage friends and family to keep donating and help you get you to your goal.

Make your first social media post count
This is your opportunity to tell everyone about your event, so make sure you emphasise why it will be personally challenging.

Send personal messages and emails
Some people are often worried about directly asking for donations, but a personal, well though out message has a larger impact than a generic post on Facebook.

Once is not enough
Once you've announced that you are taking on a Resolution Run, make sure you share your page regularly. Sharing photos of your training progress is a lovely way to show your supporters how hard you're working and urge them to donate.

Make sure your first sponsor pledges a large amount - others will tend to follow suit!

Add in your offline donations
Make sure you add in any offline fundraising into the offline section of your page so that your supporters can see how much you have raised in total against your target.

Fundraising A-Z


Afternoon tea

Organise an afternoon tea and charge people an entry fee for refreshments. Host a raffle at this event and ask your friends and family to donate unwanted presents and goods as raffle prizes.


Big night in

Save money and spend quality time with friends. Choose a theme, invite a handful of friends and ask them to make a small donation (for example £10). This is cheaper than an evening spent dining out and the money goes to a great cause. Themes could include: murder mystery, movie night, pamper night or poker night.


Celebrity game

Ask colleagues to play 'The Celebrity Game' with a suggested entry fee of £2 per person. Everyone puts the name of a famous person into a hat and then each player picks a name. They must then adopt the mannerisms of that person for a day. If they are caught out of character, they must pay a fine.


Darts match

Whether you are a keen darts player or have never picked up a dart before, this is a great fundraiser for all. You could charge spectators and/or participants an entrance fee. Make it silly and get participants to balance on one leg and charge them each time they miss the board.


Eating Competition

There are so many eating challenges to choose from, so pick your food and get challenging. You can set a registration and get people to sponsor or bet on the contests to bring in extra cash. You could even try and incorporate an 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' theme if you're brave enough!


Fancy dress

Everyone loves an excuse to dress up or to be someone different for the day. Get your work colleagues to dress up and pay a fee to take part, you could even set a theme which could be based on a film or perhaps an era, or keep it simple and have a wear a purple day in support of the Stroke Association.


Guess my time

Use our ‘guess my time’ sheet and get your friends and family to pay to guess how long they think it will take you to complete your Resolution Run.


Donate an hour of pay

Get your friends and family to give up an hour’s worth of their salary on pay day to support your target.


It’s a Knockout

Why should children have all the fun at sports day? Find a venue to host your own. Set a registration fee and source a prize from a local business. The more fun the challenges the more participants you will get. Keep it quirky!


Jewellery making/selling

Are you creative and like making things or know someone who is? Put your skills to the test and hold a hand-made jewellery sale, or test out a different craft if jewellery isn’t your thing!


Karaoke night

This can be as big or as small as you can organise. You could hire a venue and karaoke machine or just have some friends round and play some classic karaoke songs while singing into a hairbrush! Charge an entry fee and source a prize for an evening of songs and laughter.


Loose change

Ask friends/family/colleagues to dig into their wallets and purses and pop their loose change into a jar. This may seem like small amounts to each donor but together will make a real difference.


Matched Giving

Ask your employer to match the amount you gain from individual sponsorship and double every pound that you raise instantly.


Non-uniform day

Do you work in a school, know someone who does? Or perhaps your children’s school would be willing to support you? If each child paid £2 in a school of 300 to not wear their uniform for the day, you would end up with a massive £600!


Odd jobs

Could you help your neighbours and friends with some of those odd jobs around the home?Helping pick up the shopping, walking the dogs, doing some DIY or just cutting the lawn could help bring in some extra cash.



Utilise every occasion that you can to keep your fundraising going. How about holding a pancake-making competition at the office? You can charge a fee for people to take part or charge people to buy the pancake delights.


Quiz night

Hold a quiz at your local pub and charge individuals and teams for entry. Don’t just invite people you know, get the locals involved too! Ask the manager to donate a free meal or vouchers as a prize for the winners.



Charge a fee of your choice for tickets and the winners get a prize -what’s not to love! This works as a standalone fundraising activity or as part of bigger event. Speak to local businesses in your area about offering goods to add into your raffle to keep your expenditure low.



Pop an assortment of sweets into a clear container and get people to pay to guess how many sweets are in the jar. The closest guess wins the sweets!


Talk, don’t type day

Ask your colleagues to pay to enter and ensure that all forms of communication that day are verbal. Anyone who sends an email is charged a fine.



Swallow that pride and add a twist on those dress down days by proudly rocking your most unfashionable, unflattering outfit for the day. How about clashing prints, sandals with socks, a crazy hat or all of those at the same time? The worse you look, the more you’ll raise.


Valentine’s Day

Utilise every occasion that you can to keep your fundraising going. You could do anything from a Valentine’s themed bake sale, to selling handmade Valentine cards. Or have a ‘wear red’ day or host a Valentine wine tasting evening.


Wax it

Will you or your friends bare the pain to raise money with a wax-off? Get those wax strips and maybe something to cool off after, like aloe vera.



Got a games console? Host an evening of gaming with an entry fee. You could even hold mini competitions throughout the evening with some prizes.


Yes day

This is set to be a day of fun in the office. Get your colleagues to take it in turns to take on the ‘Yes day’ challenge where they have to say ‘yes’ to everything in exchange for donations. The possibilities are endless…



Ready to feel the rhythm? Get your friends together for an hour of fun and exercise to raise money for your cause.

Whatever you do, your sponsorship will help support stroke survivors across the UK.

If you need any support with your fundraising please don't hesitate to emails us at or call us on 0300 330 0740.